Tooth Whitening doesn't have to be expensive?

We recommend the best option as custom trays for the best long term results and value.
This is because you can use these trays for many years and just buy new sticks of bleaching when are under 20 dollars a stick.

Tooth Bleaching with Custom Made Trays are $299 dollars.
These are permanent trays that can be reused usually for many years with only the need to get more bleach when you run out.

It is also the option we recommend for people with teeth that are crowded; as customised fit of bleaching trays enhances the results.

Do you want to know more about bleaching? Check out our blog here!

* This is based on a standard clean appointment with scaling and stain removal. If more comprehensive periodontal treatment is necessary due to periodontal disease or the need for numbness, more time and therefore cost may be required, and the dentist will discuss this with you after the full examination and clean appointment. Not all patients are suitable for whitening and if so the dentist will discuss this with you at the assessment appointment.