Toothache, what can I do?
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What can i do at home?


This all depends on how bad the pain is?

Is the pain just when I eat?

This is a better type of toothy problem and could be that you just need an examination for $69 dollars and we can assess the costs of restoring the holes or find the source of weaknesses in your teeth.
In the mean time try using Colgate Pro Relief, or Sensodyne Rapid Relief Toothpaste.
They are two market leading toothpastes than can help hugely in sensitive teeth.
In the mean time avoid eating too hard on that tooth, and also avoid anything too hot or too cold.

Is this pain making you want to take pain medication regularly and stops sleeping?

This sounds like a real toothache.
Common treatments for this are extractions or root canal therapy of teeth.
Some other disorders of the mouth like sinus pain, clenching teeth and gum disease can also lead to severe pain and a dentist will need to assess you for these problems.
You cannot do this at home, so taking ibuprofen and paracetamol together has been proven to be a good off the counter combination of supermarket pain killers that will reduce the pain you are suffering.
Always check with your doctor if you are worried about allergies to medications.

Seeing a dentist as soon as possible will be the best way to treat this pain.

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Okay so i need an extraction, what is this?

An extraction is when we remove the entire tooth.
This is not always the best idea, especially for front teeth.
But is usually a cheaper way to deal with a toothy problem, and we do this commonly at Colombo Street Dental.
The most common average price of simple extractions is $200 unless you have a community services card which lowers the cost considerably.

We have ways of keeping the discomfort and anxiety of these treatments to a minimum.
Sometimes we can use medication to help with this, but often just a gentle caring approach is all that is required.

Magnified Root Canal Cleaning

Magnified Root Canal Cleaning

I don't want to lose my tooth, what is a root canal?

A root canal is when we clean the canals inside the root of the tooth that the nerve used to live in.
We do this to clean infection from the tooth, and when done well it is a great way to keep a tooth long term.
We must assess each tooth on it's own merits before starting this type of treatment for you.
Root Canal Therapy can range in cost a lot.
The Root Canal Therapy can range from 600 dollars through to 1300 dollars for the  biggest of teeth.
It will then need strengthening long term with a Crown if the tooth has had a lot of structure removed prior to root canal therapy.
This will be an added cost.